Ending the year with some comedy: Mercury in Sagittarius

sagittarius the mutable fire sign

The very idea of “hold your horses” has basically no sway while Mercury is in Sagittarius. This fire sign isn’t known to hold back, so you might start to hear all kinds of things blurted out during this time.

Directness! Candor! Folks with Mercury in Sagittarius in their natal charts are often born around this time of year, and tend to be unapologetic truth-tellers — even when the truth hurts, and sometimes not at the most opportune moment. Good thing they also have a gift for making people laugh. They’re delightful conversationalists and can talk to literally anyone about anything, especially if there are no follow-up questions.

For all of us while Mercury is in Sagittarius, we can look forward to information coming out of nowhere and taking on the same mutable fire qualities of this sign — truthful, funny, exaggerated. This is a great time for brainstorming ideas and expanding on them. It’s also a fun time for improv comedy.

Arguments may tend toward the circular, though. If you’re working on something top-secret, good luck; it’s not an ideal time to exchange confidential information. Your best bet is to change the subject quickly if pressed.

How long is Mercury in Sagittarius?

Mercury will spend 66 days in Sagittarius, from November 5 until January 11. Mercury generally spends less than a month in a given sign, but it extends its stay when it goes retrograde, which it will do while it’s transiting through Sagittarius this year.

Mercury goes retrograde on December 3, and stations direct on December 22. Mercury can be pretty scattered in mutable signs, and even though Sagittarius has done a lot of cleaning up with Saturn transiting through it, this might be a bumpy ride with false information and miscommunications. Find a way to laugh off any setbacks instead of getting tripped up; maybe log them, if you’re so inclined, as though Mercury is your whacked-out news editor sending you leads.

Enjoy the ride when you can! Just be ready to clean it back up when Mercury moves into Capricorn.

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