Work week Nov 2–6, 2020

No election predictions here. This is a targeted spread for work this week.

Here I’m using my five-card Work Week Ahead Spread to get a sense of the energy I’ll be working with over the next few days. I like to do this on Sundays when possible, but Monday morning can work too — I just have to be a little speedier and more brief with the interpretations since I’m more time-constrained.

Card 1: Executive function this week. Judgement here is no joke, and it’s interesting that this appeared in the “receptive” card 2 position last week; something that was internalized earlier is now a conscious part of the mind. I think this relates to understanding the role you play in the big picture.

Card 2: The “employee” this week, receptive and getting-things-done energy. Page of swords is a writer on point! Hearing things clearly, asking pointed questions, clarifying anything that’s muddy. Great week for emails, though I might wait until Mercury’s direct before getting into anything too tangled; still worth double-checking everything.

Card 3: When big-picture and ground-level work together this week, things happen. Seven of wands means finding your personal power and moving closer to achieving your goals.

Card 4: External factors this week. The Nine of wands is sometimes a little defensive, so it’s possible people will be guarded — but also feeling secure in their experience. Let people own their personal truths this week and give them space for expression. You might just learn something.

Card 5: Best strategy for the week. The Five of cups speaks to a focus on loss at the expense of moving forward with life. Let grief have its moment, sit patiently with the discomfort — and know that you can move on.