Blogging has long been a sometimes-hobby for me, something I fit time for as work and life permit. This latest iteration focuses on astrology, something I’ve studied and practiced casually for my entire adult life.

Here are a few posts that will give you a good sample of my style.

Mercury Returns to the Beginning of the Zodiac
When Mercury moved into Aries last spring, after several weeks in Pisces, I took the opportunity to reflect on how the watery Mercury season had gone, and added a few notes about upcoming aspects Mercury was making to other planets.

Fresh air: Full moon in Libra
Some meditations on how to navigate the full moon in Libra while its ruler Venus was traveling through Gemini.

Mars at home
Thoughts on what martial energy feels like when it’s coming from the powerful water sign Scorpio.

Elemental Jupiter
I experimented a bit here with riffing off themes aligned with each of the four elements, thinking on how each might flavor the benefic Jupiter.

Symptoms of Mercury retrograde
Back to Mercury, my home turf. During one Mercury retro period I kept a list of anything I could chalk up to being a symptom of it.

Aside from astrology…

Currently I’m operating a freelance editing business. My niche here is editing for technical topics, and I regularly edit titles geared to web professionals in the A Book Apart series.

Prior to going freelance, I worked full-time at Adobe as the content editor and then strategist on the Typekit team (now Adobe Fonts). Read more about the kind of work I did there.

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