The Hierophant Moon

Sometimes working with moon energy is confusing; the moon is, by nature, a confusing influence. It’s when something is changing that you have no control over, a natural process. Every month the moon is born, shines brightly, and then fades away, a reminder for humans over millennia that change is with us always and all things come to an end.

Each card in tarot has an astrological tie, and so each sign in the zodiac has particular cards that relate to it. In the case of Taurus, its representation in the Major Arcana comes in the form of the Hierophant. Let’s take a look at how to work with the Moon in Taurus across a few distinct phases and how that Hierophant energy plays out in different ways.

A grounded guide

The Moon loves to be in an earth sign, just as the Hierophant can love his work on Earth. This is the card of the counsellor, the guide; someone who mentors youth and may be in a position of power, like a minister. Traditionally, this is the card of the priest. He usually will have a space dedicated to his service, and may be protected by a larger institution.

The Moon is comfortable in this space, which is one where beliefs are created and nurtured.

The Taurus–Scorpio axis

Opposing Taurus is Scorpio, an intense water sign that is connected to Death in the Major Arcana: Transformative change and a release of the things that are no longer needed. Where the Hierophant is rooted in the earth, Death is rooted in something much more primordial. When these two are in balanced dialogue with one another, it becomes something like humility: the understanding that all things change, and that one’s time on Earth will eventually come to an end. A thoughtful Taurus has a focus on sustainability that sets up Scorpio for a rich recycling season when the time to cull arrives. The full moon in Taurus, which occurs when the Sun in at opposition in Scorpio, highlights this theme.

The bull vs the lion

Taurus is at more of an odd relationship with the fire sign Leo, which in tarot shows up in the Major Arcana as Strength. This card is about inner knowing and confidence, the ability to be still while sitting in majesty (so that others may admire you!). Vanity is the downfall of our Hierophant, so that’s why this can be tricky energy: are you taking on responsibilities just for a sense of affirmation? Where is your drive to “help” coming from? These sorts of questions can come up when the Taurus moon is in the waxing quarter phase, and making a square aspect to the Sun in Leo — usually in late July or August.

Confronting the restless idealist

The air sign Aquarius has a strained relationship with Taurus. In tarot, Aquarius is represented by the Star: far-off hopes and ideals. The Hierophant lives in the here and now, and the Star is a more cerebral, intellectual guide that doesn’t always know how to be in the moment, the rulebook that has a hard time improvising. A guide who feels at odds with his own ideals is a troubled one; use this lunar influence to feel out what’s been on your mind and where you feel like you fit in (or don’t) with the philosophies of your age. This theme is highlighted when the moon in Taurus is making a square aspect to the Sun in Aquarius, usually sometime in late January or the first half of February.