I love working with people to interpret their natal charts. No two charts are the same and there’s an endless amount of information to work with; I’m constantly learning new things about my own chart!

You can book services directly via email. Astrological reports are shared as PDFs. I’ll ask for payment upfront and will send you an estimate for delivery in our initial conversation.

Interested? Email consults@elementalastro.com to get started!

What’s in an astrological report?

The full chart report will include all the following components:

  • Sun & Moon combo. Looks at the lunar phase at which you were born (in addition to moon sign) and describes your lunar personality: how you reconcile with your emotions and reflect your needs.
  • Elemental balance overview. A look at which elements dominate in a chart and which will require more conscious integration.
  • Planetary ruler study. Uses your rising sign to determine your chart ruler, and the report will highlight the planet’s natal and transiting aspects to look out for.

My flat rate for a standard (full chart) consultation is US$80; this gives me the time I’ll need to look up your chart for the first time and interpret all its aspects.

Other services

Mercury retro heads-up
For upcoming Mercury retro periods, a focused look at personal transits during that time and a report on which areas of the chart are likely to feel an impact. $36 for first-time clients, $18 if I already have your chart from a previous reading.

Tarot reading
Did you know every card in the tarot connects to an astrological sign or element? My readings offer an insightful combination of intuitive practice and astrological associations. Email-based readings include a photo of the spread and my written interpretation; $36 for a 4-card Clarity spread, $60 for 10-card Celtic Cross, and $72 for the 13-card Astrological Wheel.

Contact consults@elementalastro.com to set up your consultation!