Neptune-amped Halloween

To be honest, I don’t have strong feelings about Halloween. I love candy, and ghosts, but don’t personally feel called to the whole costume idea. Except this year I feel a little more excited for the holiday, and I’m gonna say it’s because this Halloween is getting a big extra boost of make-believe from Neptune.

Neptune is the only planet to be discovered via mathematical prediction rather than direct observation — astronomers noticed its gravitational influence on other planets (namely, Uranus) before ever spotting it directly. This is somehow appropriate, because in astrology all things Neptunian are really hard to pin down.

Astrologically, we associate Neptune with all things creative, otherworldly, and mysterious. I’ve heard it called a “higher vibration of Venus.” Its influence can relate to art, belief, addiction, and the unconscious. In modern astrology it’s said to rule the sign of Pisces, the “mystic” of the zodiac.

Right now, Neptune is actually transiting through Pisces for just the second time since its discovery. It moves pretty slowly so this has been a transit to settle in for (roughly 2012–2025) but there are some times where its influence is a little more pronounced, like when it makes close aspects to other planets and luminaries. Like, say, the Moon — which it happens to conjunct just before Halloween.

Moon and Neptune in conjunction are emotions, sympathy, empathy, psychic ability, and dark matter all in one ectoplasmic package. Both are in Pisces October 30–31, which happens to be a potent sign for emotional energy. Pisces is creative, scattered, and loving; it’s often a sensitive time anytime the moon passes through the sign, but these days with Neptune’s involvement there might be real spiritual stuff going on.

I’m thinking this is a spectacularly extra-spooky season and Halloween couldn’t have come at a better time. There’s even a theory that Moon–Neptune is a portal of sorts.

My suggestions for a Neptune-amped spooky holiday?

  • The Moon is all about ancestors. Pick someone from your family history and dress up as them, really inhabit their time.
  • Really any sort of time-travel is great, if that’s in your budget.
  • Nurture any artistic urge you have; it’s bound to turn out weirder than you think.

Have fun and happy Halloween!

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