Emo moon alert: Waxing quarter moon in Pisces

So, Neptune just stationed direct in Pisces, and we’re about to face a quarter moon in the same sign. The moon in Pisces will square the sun in Sagittarius on November 26, 2017, at 9:03am Pacific.

Quarter moons are often stressful (because of that Sun–Moon square aspect), and there’s a lot churning in Pisces these days — not only because of Neptune turning back around, but also with Venus and (especially) Jupiter in the fellow water sign of Scorpio. Water energy is running high these days, which means big emotions and a lot of feelings.

It’s hard to imagine anything making a hard square aspect to an easygoing sign like Pisces; indeed, Pisces can wiggle out of just about any tight situation. That’s the problem right there, in fact: Pisces has a crappy sense of boundaries, and this quarter moon is a reminder that “we’re all one ocean” etc sometimes just doesn’t cut it. You have to stand up for yourself once in a while and know when you’re giving too much.

This is a good time to notice areas of your life where you give (time, money, effort) without being asked to. How do you feel about that relationship? Are you fully present in it? Where are you feeling scattered?

The Pisces moon trines Jupiter and conjuncts Neptune later on the 26th. These two planets are the traditional and modern rulers of Pisces, and these quick aspects will be a mini-preview of what’s coming up with their big water trine in another week. Some big dreams are about to start coming true. Don’t waste your energy on being a martyr for a cause you’re halfhearted about. Where do you need to be for things to happen for you?

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