Incoming magic: Jupiter–Neptune trine

“This is travel and exotic destinations, intellectual success (your work, appreciated, your ideas getting a broader audience, your theories, proved — that sort of thing) but it is even more powerfully signalling an expansion of FAITH.”
— from Mystic Medusa, November horoscope for Pisces

FAITH. This is a beautiful word to sum up the combined influence of these two planets. Jupiter has confidence in spades and Neptune is all about belief, so these two working together can make for all kinds of fantastic spiritual journeys.

How can you expand your frame of reference? Where have you always dreamed of going? Are any opportunities opening up that are relevant to something you’ve always wanted but ruled out as impossible? Look for people who share your beliefs.

Where are Jupiter and Neptune now?

Jupiter is currently traveling through Scorpio, and Neptune has been making its way slowly through Pisces for the past six years. Planets in trine aspect to one another are always in the same element; in this case, Scorpio and Pisces are both water signs, so this is a water trine.

When it comes to these planets in particular, a water trine is the best arrangement available. Neptune, for starters, is in its “home” sign of Pisces. I’ve written a little before about how this pans out. Neptune is, simply, in a position to be very Neptunian about every aspect it touches. Imagination soars; anything seems possible; everything is connected.

Jupiter is fairly neutral about Scorpio, but it has a natural affinity with Pisces because in traditional astrology (the era before the “modern” planets of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were discovered) it rules that sign. It also happens to rule the trine aspect; anytime there’s a trine, Jupiter is supportive of it (even more so when it’s one of the planets making the aspect).

This means that whatever Neptune is serving up, Jupiter wants to magnify in the best light possible. Scorpio is all about investigation and getting to the bottom of things, too, so expect some deep truths to emerge from those ocean waters. I’d sum it up as “sea gods go pro.”

Mercury retro reminder: Don’t rush it

The Jupiter–Neptune trine will be exact on December 2, just a few hours before Mercury stations retrograde. This might be a good time for dreaming, but less good for making abrupt plans and expecting them to work out smoothly. Anything with “re-” as the prefix is a useful word during a retrograde: revise, revisit, rework, reread.

This period is a staging ground for something big. Give it time to grow properly and at its own pace, and to really listen to what emerges out of the depths. Jupiter and Neptune will make more trines in 2018, so there’s going to be plenty of opportunity to evolve through their combined influence.

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