Gemini moons are for listening

Sometimes air sign moons feel a little high-strung. Most of them qualify as insomnia moons in my book. They’re thinky, which is a weird zone for the moon to sit in. And Gemini in particular, the mutable air sign, can feel a little directionless.

Gemini is about all the little details and facts; not in a studied way like its fellow mutable sign Virgo, but in a social way. All air signs have some social element at play, and Gemini is all about communication. Gemini is the news, your neighbors’ news, your siblings, and anything you’re currently reading or listening to.

When the moon is in Gemini, the microphone is on. It’s an ideal time to learn things, or to express yourself to others (though you may have to compete for the spotlight). Expect to generate a lot of ideas, more than you’ll even be able to develop. Pay attention to Mercury, Gemini’s ruling planet. And if you feel overwhelmed or strung out, switch to listening mode. What sounds do you hear around you? What’s on TV or radio? What words are people around you using a lot?

People born with the moon in Gemini are sensitive to things like this by default. Often great conversationalists, they’re quick to make friends (and to learn any information those new friends might have to share). They sometimes seem to jump from one thing to the next with no prelude, but this is mostly a symptom of making constant rapid-fire connections and, in combination with that, being fundamentally compelled to acknowledge a new piece of information once it comes through.

And if you’re feeling distracted? Just roll with it and keep moving; Gemini is comfortable with the fact that there’s more information out there than you can possibly act on. Sometimes “in one ear and out the other” is a necessity so you don’t drown in the details.

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