Personal Mercury astrology

Your Mercury sign is a major factor for how you deliver information to other people and absorb it in turn. It may be in the same sign as the Sun in your chart, which gives you a double boost of expressiveness in the style of that sign. You also might be able to guess other people’s Mercury signs just by paying close attention to how they talk.

Aries — Direct. Most of the time it never occurs to you to question their version of events.
Taurus — Thoughtful. They may even let you do more of the talking.
Gemini — Noncommittal. May offer way more information than you can process, sometimes to the point of contradicting themselves.
Cancer — Emo. There may be tears. They may be your tears.
Leo — Grand. Might be prone to exaggeration and “big ideas” that will overwhelm mundane matters. Don’t try to be louder, you’ll lose.
Virgo — Specific and unusually accurate. Most likely to have an encyclopedic memory for details.
Libra — Measured. Likely to wait for consensus on any point before moving on.
Scorpio — [redacted]
Sagittarius — Enthusiastic! You may feel really excited about whatever they told you but later realize they left out key information.
Capricorn — Rational. Quick to ask for clarification, especially if it’s to figure out who’s in charge of a situation.
Aquarius — Memorable and often funny. They ask direct questions, and you can take whatever they say at face value.
Pisces — Circuitous. You may be unclear on their central point, but still enjoy the conversation. Good at telling people what they want to hear, often in favor of the actual truth.

How do I find my Mercury sign?

You can get this information by looking up your time of birth in an ephemeris that tracks the planets’ movements. Or, you might find it simpler to look up your natal chart online; see How to look up your natal chart.

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