Mercury retro in Scorpio

Water cards in tarot, with the Chariot, Death, Moon, Hanged Man, Tower, High Priestess, and all cards in the Cups suit arranged around a sand dollar.

Mercury is the messenger planet; it’s the part of a chart that I look to when I want insight into how someone processes and shares information. So what does it mean when this planet enters the super-stealth sign of Scorpio under normal circumstances? And how on earth do you manage when it’s retrograde?!

Scorpio is a water sign, but not nearly as effusive as its watery siblings Cancer and Pisces. This is because Scorpio is also a fixed sign; once they get information (or any form of power!), their inclination is to hold on to it for as long as possible, just in case anything should develop. This is how Scorpios have gained the reputation for being superlative secret-keepers.

When Mercury is retrograde, the classic symptoms include information leaking out unwittingly, or wires getting crossed. Misunderstandings and misinterpretations are everywhere. It’s usually not disastrous unless there are major aspects to some of the more heavy-hitting malefic planets like Saturn or Mars, but it definitely can be disruptive.

This year, Mercury stations retrograde on Halloween. Spooky? Not unusually: the spookiness of the season is just standard Scorpio fare, and in fact this retrograde is reasonably easy to manage; played right, you might even find it healing. But here are a few days I’d be a little more alert:

  • October 31: The day that Mercury stations retrograde is one when the effects tend to be stronger. Double-check everything and be conservative about sharing information if you aren’t sure where it might end up!
  • November 9: Mercury sextiles Pluto. This is actually… kind of good? It’s heavy energy and might be a gloomy day for something lighthearted like a baby shower, but fantastic for existential conversations about life purpose.
  • November 11: Mercury conjunct the Sun. This is a powerful moment in the retrograde where it can pay off to find time to yourself for some deep listening. Any aspects of your life that aren’t feeling right for you may become very apparent today.
  • November 12: Full moon in Taurus, opposing Mercury. More about this full moon here! If this week feels like a lot, this is probably why. Thankfully the intensity should ease up as the week progresses.
  • November 13: Mercury sextiles Saturn. Saturn is Planet Gloom so this won’t be a fun one, but it could be an amazing day for a career-focused therapy session. Expect some form of reality check.
  • November 20: Mercury stations direct. You made it! But much like at the start of the retrograde, the effect at the end is usually stronger; take a deep breath and maybe wait until the weekend to make any large purchases.

You might have noticed the therapy theme, and this is a very Scorpio thing: this sign is all about probing the depths, looking into the abyss, and generally being fearless in the face of mortality. How this retrograde plays out for you personally depends on where Scorpio falls in your chart. If you’re unfamiliar with that, my Mercury Retro consult is a great starting point!

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