Feeling & Feeding: Full moon in Taurus

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Every full moon signifies a confrontation of some kind. The sun is 180 degrees away from the moon at this phase, bringing complete illumination to the lunar body from our perspective on Earth. The confrontation won’t necessarily be an unfriendly one, but it’s not a time for subtlety.

On Tuesday, November 12, the moon will reach full illumination at 5:34am PST in the fixed earth sign Taurus, opposing the sun in Scorpio.

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which will have moved forward into the sign of Sagittarius at the time of this full moon. This eases up some of the intense pressure of the fixed Taurus–Scorpio axis with its exploratory nature, encouraging options. “Yes, and…” is something of a key phrase for this arrangement; acknowledge where you are while looking for the exits.

Sun–Mercury conjunction in Scorpio

Mercury is deep into its retrograde at this point. The day before the full moon, November 11, it conjuncts the sun in Scorpio. It will actually pass in front of the sun from our perspective, a rare transit.

Scorpio is a powerful sign for any flavor of conjunction, because it’s already predisposed to concentrate power. The sun relates to soul expression, and so a Mercury conjunction is an opportunity to really speak your truth. With the moon opposing all this in the very grounded sign of Taurus, the clearest messages may come through via body language.

Earth wisdom

Anytime the moon is in Taurus, it’s a good time to pay attention to what you put into your body. This is also a time of year when people wrestle with a lot of food-related shame, thanks to the meal-centric holidays around the corner. This full moon might begin to bring some of that to the surface.

If you can, take it as an opportunity to recognize whether you’re being true to your needs. This full moon may highlight where you’re seeking nourishment, which wells you’re drawing from most frequently. Scorpio doesn’t like to waste energy and could draw some sharp accounting to this scene.

Taurus is something of an acquisitive sign, seeing as it enjoys having tangible artifacts to hold onto. But with Mercury still retrograde, hold off on bringing new objects into your life, especially expensive ones; by the end of November they may begin to lose some of their luster.

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