New fire moon

The new moon in Aries this year comes at an interesting time in world history.

It occurs in the early hours of the morning on Tuesday, a day ruled by Mars, who also happens to rule Aries. This is executive function, the basic purpose that drives an individual’s behavior. People are literally isolated at this point, and Aries really drives home the individual nature of each of us. We’re all spending an unusual amount of time with our selves. What can we do with that? What can we learn?

It will be hard to ignore the effects of Saturn newly in Aquarius during this time, for starters. Aries and Aquarius are communicators; Aries gives direction, while Aquarius offers data. This is an idea-driven new moon, and some of the ideas that would have sounded impossible a few weeks ago will be the way we begin to function. An adjustment is underway, and we’ll get a clearer picture of that later in the year when Jupiter enters Aquarius as well.

Mars, the ruler of this new moon, is at the end degrees of Capricorn. It will move into Aquarius by the end of March, and is itself ruled by Saturn in both of those signs. This is Mars the taskmaster, in tarot represented by the Tower in the sign of the Devil — no wonder so much of our world order seems to be tumbling right now. In Capricorn, Mars demands a solid foundation to build on. It has no patience for vague promises that you’ll get to something later. You’ll get to it now, or it’s getting struck from your plan altogether.

All things considered, it’s an important time to cradle hope for your future, and this moon will help you nurture even the smallest flame. A prompt: Imagine you are the emperor of the space you are currently in. What is the state of your territory? What rules have you enacted as leader? How is it organized? What activities does it support?