Fresh air: Full moon in Libra

We’ll enjoy a supermoon for this year’s full moon in Libra, which occurs on April 7. Libra’s ruling planet, Venus, has strong influence on this moon.

This is a full moon with all manner of names: Pink Moon, Hare Moon, Egg Moon, Fish Moon. It’s the first full moon after the vernal equinox, which is used to calculate the timing of Easter each year in the Christian calendar.

If you felt a spark of something new around the time of the new moon in Aries, this full moon is the time to open yourself to that spark’s full potential. With Libra being a cardinal air sign, it isn’t quite the action-driven warrior of its opposite, Aries — but neither is it passive. In fact, the air element is quite strong with this full moon, so it should be a powerful time for the exchange and assessment of ideas.

Since Venus is the ruler of this moon, it’s useful to consider the sign that Venus is currently transiting: fellow air sign Gemini. In Gemini, Venus wants to taste a little bit of everything; it’s not particularly decisive and may tend to leave a bunch of things unfinished. Venus spends a long time in Gemini this year and will teach us a lot about staying unattached to a fixed outcome.

How to tap into this Gemini energy? Try mentally switching things up:

  • Change little things about your daily routine
  • Use your non-dominant hand when making artwork (or doing anything, really!)
  • Put some birdseed out on a windowsill and see who shows up
  • Try short meditations, like this 5-4-3-2-1 exercise

Gemini is a circulator, a socializer. It’s not really a sign for distance, but lucky us, we’ve got Saturn and Mars in Aquarius to emphasize the importance of social distancing these days. Aquarius is the third of the air signs, and the planets here make a brief but invigorating grand air trine with the moon in Libra and Venus in Gemini.

Trines indicate positive, supportive relationships between planets. They’re strongest when they occur within the same element, though out-of-element trines are also possible. So all this air energy means that our feelings (Moon) and our desires (Venus) have a certain clarity in the context of our current limitations (Saturn) and our drive to change things (Mars). Air signs are more rational than emotional, and Saturn in particular is strong in Aquarius, encouraging (well, forcing, really) everyone to take a step back and gain a broader perspective.

Many of us are going through similarly heavy emotional territory right now, with fear and uncertainty a constant presence each day. This full moon occurs on a Tuesday, the day of Mars; in collective-minded Aquarius, martial energy is more than ever directed towards fighting for the rights of the people. In a moment of crisis, what is the right thing to do for humanity? That’s the kind of thinking this Libra moon will best reflect.