Work week Nov 9–13

Once again I’m using my five-card Work Week Ahead Spread to get a sense of the energy I’ll be working with over the next few days. 

Five card spread with Kim Krans' Wild Unknown deck. Father of swords on the top left, Four of swords on the top right, Son of pentacles in the middle, High Priestess on the lower left, and the Six of pentacles on the lower right.

Overall, mental function is a strong theme, as well as practicality. The High Priestess is typically thought to have a watery influence, as she’s associated with the Moon, but everything else here is either swords or pentacles: air and earth. Two court cards indicate a conversation of some kind, or a need to put on a public face of some kind; both are masculine cards, yang energy that moves outward into the world. Keep your emotions in check; what do you know to be true?

Card 1: The executive function this week. King of swords is a fantastic card to pull for this position; he’s executive function personified. Expect to take the lead on something this week, or to make a key decision.

Card 2: The receptive, working energy. Four of swords here indicates that while you’re in a good position to make decisions, that doesn’t necessarily translate to immediate action. Really assess the situation with a clear mind; what do you need in order to meet your goals? “Measure twice, cut once” comes to mind.

Card 3: How to get cards 1 and 2 on the same page. The Knight of pentacles expands on the measured approach suggested by the Four from earlier. Do you need to do more research? Make sure your decisions are based on actual evidence and not hunches or feelings; get data.

Card 4: External factors this week. The High Priestess is a somewhat perplexing card to get for this position, since she’s all about internality and trusting your inner voice. Have you shared your insights with other people recently? Or will they want to hear this from you? Alternately, maybe this week is more about personal projects for you. Or finally, this might be someone else’s intuition coming into play as a factor in your work, in which case: listen to what they have to say. All feelings and hunches are data of a kind.

Card 5: Best strategy for the week. The Six of pentacles is a classic card for good business sense, a true give-and-take relationship built around integrity and generosity. Anything you can pay forward now, do so, and be sure you’re getting back what you’ve giving to any projects you have underway.